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May 7, 2014

Vitamin B12 supplement are commonly in use when food intake cannot complete the requirement of this particular nutrient. Vitamin B12 supplements are best to take from mouth and other treatments like injections are also available according to the condition of patients. Vitamin B12 supplements are taken to overcome deficiency food cannot overcome or in other cases when human body is not functioning to absorb the nutrient through normal process. Vitamin B12 supplements are prepared in laboratory in combination of many others just like Vitamin B12 found naturally in combination of other nutrients.

Who needs Vitamin B12 supplement?

Vegetarians and aged people are the countless victim of Vitamin B12 deficiency. The reason behind deficiency for both is insufficient diet because vegetarian eat only vegetables and they do not have Vitamin B12. For aged people the reason is their overall less intake of food due to age factor. So they need Vitamin B12 Supplements in their regular diet in any form either fortified food or medicine. One other group who suffer vitamin B12 deficiency is the infants born to vegetarian mothers. Infant might face sever permanent damage if Vitamin B12 deficiency is not diagnosed timely. In some cases when deficiency is long standing and people cannot recover from food need to take Vitamin B12 supplements.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 Supplement

Vitamin B12 supplements helps to improve health in so many ways. Formation of Red blood cells, DNA synthesis, metabolism of cells, support to brain and nervous system all depend on healthy intake of Vitamin B12 which in return boosts immune system, moods, memory buildup and stamina. People feels tired depressed must get the Vitamin B12 deficiency diagnosis and take Vitamin B12 Supplements on regular basis. Vitamin B12 supplements helps in complete to improve memory loss, slow down aging process, give a boost to mood, energy and concentration. Vitamin B12 supplements are also helpful for immune systems and nervous system for transmission of signals.

Treatments other than Oral Vitamin B12 supplement

It is a concept that this is available in market only in form of vitamin B12 supplements and tablets. But also nasal gels are available in market on recommendation of physician for pernicious anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency treatments. For treatment of for psoriasis and eczema Vitamin B12 is applied to the skin with avocado oil as a topical treatment. It is also injected for nervous system disorder treatment, anemia, and Vitamin B12 deficiency treatment, cyanide poisoning and for chronic fatigue treatment. So in summarizing injection, nasal gels and skin ointment are available other than Vitamin B12 Supplements.

Sensitivity to Vitamin B12

There are certain number of people cannot tolerate vitamin B12 in any form so just like Vitamin B12 deficiency diagnosis, one must go for the diagnosis of sensitivity of Vitamin B12. Sensitivity to this nutrient is also harmful like deficiency. If someone is taking the fortified food in any form must avoid the one contains vitamin B12 supplements. Sensitive markers to detect either of the condition are easily available and rush of them for early diagnosis.

Vitamin B12 deficiency and large scale preventions

Vitamin B12 deficiency has been proved far beyond the estimations and their damages if not fatal then then they are very severe. Detection of this deficiency at early stages has become a pressure on large scale because of its severity and complex health issues. Sometime damages become irreversible leaving the patient behind in miserable condition. Different organizations and research centers are continually working to improve and find methods to improve Vitamin B12 intake and Vitamin B12 supplements.

Allergic reactions to Vitamin B12 supplements

There are certain incidents that people who are taking Vitamin B12 from food are enough healthy. But if they take vitamin B12 supplements or fortified food might not suit them then they must stop it immediately or get the one without Vitamin B12. Also consult the doctor who has recommended you Vitamin B12 supplement.

Physician and dietitian recommendation

Vitamin B12 supplements should not be taken like any other medicine without the medical examination. You must go to doctor and ask for vitamin B12 supplement instead of taking the risk on you own. Your body might not need the combinations of the nutrients and minerals you are taking on your own. Taking Vitamin B12 without doctor’s recommendation might create sever health related problems.

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