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Vitamin b12 food
May 7, 2014
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vitamin b12 Injections
March 28, 2017

Why Vitamin B12 consumption is important

Vitamin B12 consumption is important to health and must be needed to include in daily diet because it is the nutrient helps to function the important systems of human body. Its other chemical name is cobalaminbecause it has cobalt and synthetic Vitamin B12 is called Cyanocobalamin. It is the nutrient found in animal related food and product and no evidence of natural food like grains or leaves. Daily Vitamin B12 consumption chart for every age group is below give.

Age groupsRecommended Intake
Children 0-6 (months old)0.4 μgrams
Children 7-12 (months old)0.5 μgrams
Children1-3 (Years old)0.9 μgrams
Children4-8 (years old)1.2 μgrams
Children9-13 (years old)1.8 μgrams
Adults above 14 Years2.6 μgrams
Pregnant women2.6 – 2.8 μgrams
Age Above 50 years25 – 100 μgrams

Vitamin B12 consumption from food

Most of the need of the nutrient is fulfilled by dairy products and meat which can be easily added to daily diet. Vitamin B12 consumption requirement for a healthy body is possible by animal products and below chart is helpful to monitor the Vitamin B12 enriched food.


Liver (Beef)71 mcgPer 3-ounce serving
Mackerel16 mcgPer 3-ounce serving
Sardines8 mcgPer 3-ounce serving (most cans are 3-4 ounces ea.)
Fortified Cereals5 mcgPer cup
Red Meat5 mcgPer 3-ounce serving
Salmon4 mcgPer 3-ounce serving
Fortified Soy2 mcgPer 3-ounces serving
Milk1.2 mcgPer cup (8 fluid ounces)
Swiss Cheese1 mcgPer ounce
Yogurt1 mcgPer cup


Vitamin B12 consumption for vegetarian

Since this nutrient is not found in natural product and in vegetable. So vegetarians are at high risk of the deficiency of Vitamin B12. Infants born to vegetarian mothers are comparatively at higher risk of the deficiency of Vitamin B12. But Vitamin B12 consumption is very necessary for every age group. To overcome this deficiency one must take fortified supplements or recommended medicines according to the age groups and keeping other factors related to health like gender, activity level and overall health condition. Because minor deficiency can turn into sever with dangerous health issues so take Vitamin B12 in daily food.

Vitamin B12 consumption for Brain function and Nervous system

Human brain normal function requires healthy Vitamin B12 consumption. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 might create sever health issues related to brain. So it is recommended to keep Vitamin B12 consumption regular in the diet. When food only cannot fulfill the requirements of Vitamin B12 consumption, try to get it from fortified supplements or medicine.

Also Vitamin B12 consumption is necessary for nervous system; this is the most important system of human body for taking actions. For healthy signal transmission of nervous system to take action quickly and correctly Vitamin B12 consumption cannot be neglected. In case of less intake of this nutrient once can suffer from fatigue, depression and poor memory.

Vitamin B12 consumption for red blood cells, cell metabolism and DNA synthesis

Just like brain and nervous system regular Vitamin B12 consumption cannot be neglected for cells of human body, its helps in formation of healthy red blood cells. It helps in cell metabolism as well along with DNA synthesis.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency and medication

Once the tests have proved Vitamin B12 deficiency once must take care of daily diet and deliberately take care of vitamin B12 consumption in food. Food enriched in vitamin B12 is helpful in minor deficiency but in extreme condition medicines are recommended. Medicine to complete the course of vitamin B12 combustion for healthy living can be taken in any form like oral medicine and injections.Vitamin B12 consumption dosage should be recommended by the doctor after complete examine of disease,age and deficiency level.

Disease /AgeDosage
Over 50 years of ageSupplementation of 25-100 micrograms
Claudication1.5 milligrams
Deficiency proved adult125-2,000 micrograms
Prevention of anemia2-10 micrograms with folic acid and iron
Mental Health0.05-1 milligram for long term
Cyanide poisoning5 -20 grams
Hereditary sideroblastic anemia100 micrograms
Depression1.5 milligrams


All Nutrients are essential for health and they cannot be compromised but Vitamin B12 consumption is required for all major components of human body including brain, nervous system, Cells and DNAs.

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