How to Secure Yourself from Zika Virus

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June 9, 2017
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The Zika virus is mostly spread by the bite of the infected mosquitoes, these mosquitoes can bite any time in or night, The bite of this species of the mosquito is mostly affecting the pregnant women, because of the Zika infection to pregnant women is causing a birth defect which are known as microcephaly, in this the baby is born with an oddly small head and brain damage. The infection is also linked to miscarriage and stillbirth. The virus can also be transferred during sex and possibly through blood transfusions, although there have been no known cases yet which were spread by blood transfusion.

How to protect from Zika virus

In terms of protecting yourself from Zika virus you just need to protect you from the Mosquitoes and do not travel to any area which is risky in term of mosquitoes and if it’s necessary that you have to travel that area then do ask to your doctor or any other healthcare provider first and then strictly follow the steps he told you to follow in order to of prevention from the mosquitoes bites. The second most important part is that if you or any of your family members is pregnant then it is very important to protect them from the mosquitoes bite, as it is mentioned above that how dangerous it is for the pregnant women. Yet there is no vaccine prepared to protect the people from this dangerous Zika virus so this is the only prevention you could do for yourself to protect you from this virus.

According to the Stats in the year 2015, an epidemic occurred in Brazil, when thousands of babies were born with microcephaly.

“Over the past few years, we have educated much,” triggering changes to the recommended care of pregnant women and women trying to become pregnant, Jarris said.

Recommendations now include:

  • Screening tests before pregnancy

Both the men and the women have to go through to the screening test where the doctors will look for the Zika virus

  • Postponing trying to conceive if infected

If you are infected are so postponed your plan to conceive

  • Testing all pregnant women at all prenatal visits

At every visit of the pregnant woman to the Doctor they should also have to test the Zika virus with other tests of the body.

The recent Discoveries of Zika virus

Recent it was discovered that even infant’s babies who are born healthy, they can also be developing microcephaly later, Dr Jarris said that.  Late in the year 2016, the team of CDC reported that their are 13 infants’ babies in Brazil with the virus Zika infection who did not have this microcephaly at the time of their birth, but had slowed head growth later. Eleven of those developed microcephaly. Many doctors have recommends to wearing insect repellent every day and wearing protective clothing, such as long sleeves and long pants. “Take this as personal responsibility because this cannot be stop only by controlling the mosquitoes. The Zika virus is basically originated from Brazil but it’s getting out of control in America, till any of the vaccine is  prepared for this virus people should have to take care by themselves as it is not possible  yet to protect everyone from this unless he or she him/ herself will take some steps protect himself.

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