Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Some important facts of Vitamin B12 Deficiency for healthy living

Vitamin B12 is one of the Vitamins known as Cobalamine.Chemical name of Cobalamine is given to Bitamin B12 because it is the only vitamin contains a trace element – cobalt. Like many other nutrients and vitamin this is also important for human health. In combination of other nutrients Vitamin B12 serves human brain and nervous system of human body. Vitamin B12 is also important for formation of good and healthy red blood cells and DNA.Also Metabolism of cells of human body depends on Vitamin B12.Vitamin B12 reduce elevated homocysteine levels, which is considered a major risk factor for heart disease, so it helps to reduce risk of heart disease also. Vitmanin B12 dissolves in water so called water solvent nutrient as well. It breaks up in water and circulate in human body while discharge excess Vitamin B12 nutrient through urine. It does not accumulate in human body for any further or later usage that is why needs to include in diet on regular basis from breakfast to night meal.

Foods like milk yogurt, meat, Sardine, liver, cheese are enriched with Vitamin B12. Fortified cerealsare also available in market for healthy intake of Vitamin B12. Healthy intake of dairy products, meat and liver helps to maintain normal value of Vitamin B12. Also dietary supplements and prescribed medicine can help to keep it maintained in human body. Liver is best known for Vitamin B12 but other organ meat from lamb, beef, turkey, veal are also good to take. Fish egg and crab meat is also good to get healthy amount of Vitamin B12.Energy drinks commonly contain Vitamin B12. Grain based foods are also tried to enrich Vitamin B12 in many countries.


Beef and chicken liver3 ounces81 μg
Salmon1 filet (108 grams)19.5 μg
Herring1 filet (143 grams)18.7 μg
Mackerel3 ounces15.3 μg
Sardines1 cup13.3 μg
Tuna3 ounces9.3 μg
Trout1 filet9.1 μg
Organic yogurt1 container of Greek yogurt (170 grams)1.3 μg
Turkey3 ounces1.1 μg
Raw milk1 cup1 μg
Beef tenderloin3 ounces0.9 μg
Lamb3 ounces0.8 μg

It is better to start day with a good healthy dairy breakfast to maintain the level of Vitamin B12 but take other food like meat in rest of the day. Since human body is not capable of forming Vitamin B12 in combination of other nutrients so better to get it from food. Vitamin B12 need to be consumed on regular basis in from of food, supplement or medication as it cannot be stored in human body. A complete food chart can help to gauge healthy intake of Vitamin B12.

Formation of strong red blood cell, nerves system, human brain and metabolism of cells require Vitamin B12 necessarily. In complete Vitamin B12 is important they way human body work in good health.Vitamin B12 helps to boost mood and reduce depression and anxiety. It also helps in cognitive process like learning and insufficiency may cause problems related to focus and attention disorder. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 nutrients can cause many health issues in fact in overall function of human body. People with Vitamin B12 deficiency do not feel energetic and fell so much tired. Few symptoms are very common to identify the deficiency like abnormal heartbeat, fatigue, sore or bleeding gums, rapid breathing and general weakness. In case of long lasting deficiency memory loss, tingling fingers, depression and problem in walk might cause severe damage. Chronic Vitamin B12 deficiency if not treated may cause severe damage to nerves system. When deficiency is not overcoming even after taking proper diet consult doctor and get prescribed medicine to overcome

Vitamin B12 is equally important for body of children, Young and old. Requirement of the nutrient may vary in male and female but compulsory to get from any source like food, dietary supplement or medicine.Vegetarians are at risk of its deficiency and the Infants born to vegetarian mothers are also at the high risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Untreated vitamin B12 deficiency in infants can result in permanent neurological damage. But once deficiency is diagnosed get it treated with any possible treatment of tablets courses or injections courses. Age is a widely known factor for Vitamin B12 deficiency but it is also common among patients of stomach related issues.

For any healthy person it is necessary to get with no doubts but it is given to patients for earlier healing of many diseases along with many other nutrients. Cyanide poisoning and hereditary deficiency of transcobalamin are also treated with Vitamin B12 in combination of other vitamins and minerals. For quick healing injections are used instead of oral medication or supplements.

Though Vitamin B12 is very important for health of a person but some people might be allergic to Vitamin B12 either in form of raw food or in form of supplement and medicine. Just like deficiency sensitivity to Vitamin B12 can cause unavoidable damage to human body. People sensitive to Vitamin B12 are recommended to avoid it as well as better to see a physician for substitute of vitamin B12 or eradication of the allergy. Common side effects of Vitamin B12 allergy are nausea, chest pain, swelling, redness, head ach, dizziness, and numbness. Treatments are available to cure sensitivity to Vitamin B12.

Deficiency or sensitivity of Vitamin B12 may occur in any age group and need to monitor the intake cautiously. Recommended dietary amount of this vitamin from different reference and publications is given below. Requirement of Vitamin B12 vary from infant to children and young to old. Both deficiency and excess of this Vitamin B12 can cause health related issues. So it is mentioned get a moderate intake as per reference of different verified research.


Age ( Infant- Adult )Daily intake as per recommendationsUnit to measure
Infants 0-6 (months old)0.4 μgmicro grams
Infants 7-12 (months old)0.5 μgmicro grams
1-3 (Years old)0.9 μgmicro grams
4-8 (years old)1.2 μgmicro grams
9-13 (years old)1.8 μgmicro grams
Adults above 14 Years2.6 μgmicro grams
Pregnant women2.6 – 2.8 μgmicro grams
Above 50 years25 – 100 μgmicrograms


No natural food contains Vitamin B12 and noted as a kind of bacteria. Vitamin B12 is formed by some gut bacteria. Animals store Vitamin B12 in their liver that is why animal liver is rich source of Vitamin B12.Animal may pass vitamin B12 to their milk, eggs and meat which can benefit other animals and human as well. No any vegetable contain Vitamin B12 so people who do not take animal derived food are suggested to take Vitamin B12 in form of food supplements, energy drink or energy Bars. Vitamin B12 is complex in structure and industrial synthesis is only possible through bacterial fermentation. Vitamin B12 mineral are absorbed in human body under certain circumstances. At first hydrochloric acid in stomach plays a role to separate Vitamin B12 from proteins taken in food with Vitamin B12. Once it is separated from food proteins it is combined with the protein produced in stomach to absorb in body. If due to some reasons Vitamin B12 is not absorbed well in the body a person might be anemic and this kind of anemia is called pernicious anemia. Vitamin B12 also prevent megaloblastic anemia which causes chronic fatigue.

Despite taking proper healthy diet and fortified supplements Vitamin B12 is deficient in human body then the body of the person must not be able to absorb Vitamin B12. There are many reasons for not absorbing Vitamin B12 such as old age, pernicious anemia, gastrointestinal disorders, which have had gastrointestinal surgery, Vegetarians, Pregnant and lactating women.

First of all it is very good to meet all nutritional needs from food. Nutrient- dense food should be part of daily diet which may help to maintain health on standard notes. But if diet is not fulfilling the requirements make small changes to routine intake and physical activities. Human body may suffer from deficiency of nutrients or may suffer from sensitivity of particular nutrient. People with Vitamin B12 deficiency and sensitivity must take care of them. They have to monitor their diet and medicine on regular basis and get complete test to diagnose either of cases. Indeed is the real wealth therefore one should take special care of it. Nothing is more important than health so always get quarterly checkups from reliable doctors and labs. Regular monitoring can prevent you from many problems related to your health.