The Blessings of Melissa Essential Oil | Melissa Essential Oil the Natural Remedy

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June 13, 2017
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The Blessings of Melissa Essential Oil | Melissa Essential Oil the natural Remedy

The Melissa Essential Oil which is also known as the balm oil, thickly used in the drug industry, as it is a big source of treating many deceases as this balm oil is used in making the medicines and it is also very popular in medical world as the natural remedy of many diseases  even the big  disease like Alzheimer, is also treated with this essential oil. Especially for patients with serious cognitive impairment, 72 patients with clinically important agitation in the context of severe dementia were randomly assigned to the Melissa essential oil or placebo treatment group. According to the researchers there was in general improvement in agitation in of patients receiving Melissa oil in their treatment.  We are sharing some special advantages of Melissa Essential oil as they are given below.


The Melissa oil helps to the human body as it provides the real warm to the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system which help the person to avoid the frequent cold in the body. This also helps to children in winter, as you can give them instead of giving any antibiotics to save them from cold.


The Melissa oil also used as Nervine substance that means it acts in the body as the tonic for the nervous system of the human body. This helps the nervous system keep healthy and working its functions properly without any problem.

Protect and Treats Infections

The Melissa Essential Oil also helps the human body by protecting it from the synthetic antibiotics that are associated with therapeutic failures. The Melissa Essential Oil provided the resistance to bacterial strains which can cause the problem for any person


Gases that build up in the intestines of the human body by using Melissa Essential Oil are forced out from the body. It is very successful in expelling gases by decreasing the tension in the abdominal muscles and reliving things like bloating and cramping.

Effective for diabetic patients

The study shows that the Melissa Essential Oil has anti diabetic effects as it reduces the blood glucose level in the blood and help the person to keep himself healthy. The oil also improved glucose tolerance and significantly higher serum insulin levels compared with the control groups.

Beneficial for skin

Melissa oil is good for the natural skin treatment and also helps to removes minor wounds as this oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties.  This oil is kind enough to apply directly to the skin your body and helps to clear up skin circumstances that are caused by the effects of any bacteria or fungus.

Anti Tumor agent

 The Melissa Essential oil also helps to reduce to reduce the human cancer cell, this oil has the ability to work as an anti tumor agent in the human body and help him to fight against the tumor.

Hypertensive property

This oil also has the ability to give the benefit for the hypertensive people who have the element of risk of heart attack or brain hemorrhage whenever their blood pressure goes to the higher side.


This Melissa Essential oil sedates and soothes. It is good for calming inflammation, anxiety, tenseness upset and shock. It also helps you to take deep and relax sleep due to this property. It provides ease to human body, mind and soul while bringing feelings of relaxation and satisfaction. In the past, it was used to help the soldiers to get relax and drive away the fatigue and stress of combat from them.


The excessive contraction in the human body is known as the spasm. Spasms can happen within the respiratory system, muscular system, nervous system and digestive systems any time and can lead to serious coughs, muscular cramps, convulsions, shortness of breath in the human body. The essential oil of Melissa is an effective soothing and relaxant, which can give fast relief from spasms in all parts of the body in instant time.

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