Association between Vitamin deficiency and Cognitive Decline among Children

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March 31, 2017
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April 11, 2017

A finding as a result of a study in words of the team lead, “Most of the Nepalese children participating in the study did not have severely low levels of vitamin B12, but their levels were sub optimal, below the recommendations for best possible growth and development”.

“The number of children in low-income countries that do not develop according to their potential is large. Our results indicate that correcting children’s vitamin B12 status early may be one measure to secure a healthy development for these vulnerable children. We are currently in the process of confirming our results in randomized controlled trials.”

In the research of Bergen, Norway; 500 infants of Bhaktapur, Nepal were selected to test their blood for measuring the level of Vitamin B12. The study was carried out on the 500 blood samples by the team of researchers in the lead of Mr. Ingrid Kvestad. According to them Nepal is a country with low income along with other south Asian countries cannot afford meat or animal related food on regular basis, lack in Vitamin B12 has developed higher. People in the region do not eat animal-related food so dominating in Poor health with poor status of Vitamin B12.

After their research in laboratories they extended their studies and five years later they contacted 320 children whose blood samples were part of study. They had their own hypothetical views for the assessment of children at the age of five and gave them so many tests for cognitive and development assessments among them.

Team dedicated to the research clearly found an association between the score of test and level of Vitamin B12. Five years old Children with the poor status of Vitamin B12 as an infant scoring low. They were weak to distinguish the emotions of other children. They also proved to show great difficulty in the interpretation of complex geometrical figures.

It was found in the study that Vitamin B12 deficiency badly effect brain. It delays the process of brain development, it damages the brain. The study also supported previous research of brain development; brain development is extensively depended on Vitamin B12.

The above mentioned study of cognitive decline among children has been proved with the deficiency of nutrients. Among the nutrients deficiency playing role in decline of cognitive senses Vitamin B12 deficiency is at the top and Children cannot perform cognitive tasks when they are sufferings from Vitamin B12 deficiency. It has been proved in studies and researches that children with deficit Vitamin B12 lack in assessing the feelings of other children and lack in completing different assignments related to intellectual test along with puzzle games. Children with Vitamin B12 deficiency lack in memorizing things so they cannot recognize symbols and letters.

Vitamin B12 is the nutrient of animal-related foods so eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt should be part of the daily intake with the consumption of meat, fish and animal organs.

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