9 Foods Which Have High Amount of Vitamin B12

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Most Authentic and Enriched Foods Of Vitamin B12

The most authentic source of Vitamin B12 is animal related food counting meat, eggs, animal organs, cheese, milk and yogurt. If the question arises what fruit has Vitamin B12 the answer is no. Though soil is enriched with Vitamin B12 but no evidence is found that vegetables, fruits or grains absorb Vitamin B12 to produce natural food enriched with Vitamin B12.  Hence the major enriched food for Vitamin B12 is animal related food. Though whatever the food get from animal source contains Vitamin B12 yet animal liver is the most supplemented food. Below is the chart of 10 best foods for Vitamin B12.

Tuna Fish: (3 ounces – 9.3 μg)

Tuna is a fish of salt water and the most enriched food of Vitamin B12 up till now.For a healthy diet Tuna fish is a most trusted food for vitamin b12 in combination of other minerals.

There are many health benefits of Tuna fish have been discovered in recent studies and researches and Tuna has become a demand of well-balanced healthy diet.

People who avoid red meat are normally at the risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency and they can overcome this deficiency by consuming Vitamin B12.


Trout (1 filet – 9.1 μg)

Trod Fish Vitamin

Trout is the family of fresh water fish enriched with vitamins and minerals and healthy for human consumption.

This is a great source of different nutrients including Vitamin B12 to overcome the deficiency because of unbalanced diet.

Though it is a little high with Cholesterol level but that can be balanced if taken in combination of other vegetables and natural food.  To get benefits of Trout this can be cooked with various recipes with controlled amount of extra amount of fats.




Animal Liver (3 ounces – 81 μg)

Animal Liver is commonly taken as food by human. It has so many health benefits by maintaining the richness of significant nutrients including Vitamin B12.

Liver can be baked, boiled, broiled, fried, stir-fried, or eaten raw in some traditional dishes of different cultures.  Livers of ox, lamb, calf, chicken, goose, and cods are easily available for consumption of human in benefit of health. But the best known for taste and vitamin B12 is Beef liver.



Salmon Fish (1 filet (100 grams) – 19.5 μg)

Salmon VitaminSalmon is again the common name for several species of ray-finned fish family. This is also taken in benefit of human health.

This is an excellent source of high quality proteins and Vitamins and Vitamin B12 is at the top of list. Vitamins available in salmon are involved in several important processes in your body, like turning the food into energy, developing and repairing DNA and reducing the inflammation that can lead to heart disease



Herring (3 ounces – 15.3 μg)

Herring is rich in minerals and rich in Vitamin B12. It is used in daily food in different forms and Pickled herrings are quite known around the world to meet the requirements of  healthy and well-balanced diet in consideration of Vitamin B12.

Mackerel (3 ounces – 15.3 μg)

Mackerel is one of the highly recommended oily fish for a healthy diet. It is also known as maccarello rich in Vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients.

Fresh mackerel is always a winner and grilling gives a deliciously charred quality for taste buds along with fulfilling the nutritional requirements of healthy living human body.




Sardines (1 cup – 13.3 μg)

Sardine is widely known for its quality of being rich in Vitamin B12. It helps in many ways to maintain human health up to the standards recommended by dietitians for active living.

It is also easy to use sardines in the recipes across the world; canned and frozen sardines can easily be found in grocery stores and make a great addition to daily food.





Organic yogurt (170 Grams – 1.3 μg)

Organic Yogurt is made only with Organic Whole Milk and live cultures. No artificial thickeners or additives are used, yet this is pure dairy product related to animal food for Vitamin B12.

It’s a great choice for breakfast cereals as a well-balanced diet.





Turkey (3 ounces – 1.1 μg)

Turkey is a cheap product but rich in nutrient low in fat and high in protein. It is an inexpensive source of combination of nutrients like iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and B vitamins. The fat and calorie content is available in quite healthy proportion in comparison of other red meat. This is good food to gain Vitamin B12.

How These Foods Can be Beneficial For Health

Vitamin B12 in combination of other nutrients like vitamin, proteins and carbohydrates maintain and serve human brain and nervous system. Vitamin B12 is also responsible for DNA and red blood cells. Also overall cell metabolism of human body is dependent on consumption of Vitamin B12. It is also known for maintaining heart health by reducing elevated homocysteine levels, which is considered a major risk factor for heart disease.

Cognitive processes and human intellect is also proved for healthy proportion of Vitamin B12 intake. It helps to keep memory sharp. So it is essential for major structure of human body including heart, brain, blood cells, nervous system and memory.

Vitamin B12 requirements In Every Human Body

Vitamin b12 cannot be ignored from a well-balanced diet. It is must to include Vitamin B12 in the daily diet for healthy and active living. Studies and researches have specified the amount required for everyone. Below chart is helpful to get guidance of daily intake at different stages of life from new born to old age.

There is slight variation in respect to the age factor but it is necessary for male and female both.

Age Vitamin B12 Intake recommendation
New born to Six month old0.4 μg
Six months to one Year0.5 μg
1-3 (Years old)0.9 μg
4-8 (years old)1.2 μg
9-13 (years old)1.8 μg
Adults above 14 Years2.6 μg
Pregnant women2.6 – 2.8 μg
50 years and above25 – 100 μg


Fruits And Foods Study On Vitamin B12 deficiency

What fruit has vitamin b12 and what vegetable has vitamin B12 the studies are under consideration but up till now the only known source is animal related food. Since it is found only in animal related food and vegans are at high risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Not only vegans but infants born to vegetarian mothers are also at higher risk and if deficiency remains unaddressed in children the issues could be life lasting and very damaging.

Deficiency of Vitamin be 12 could be very sever and damaging if not fatal. One must consume food for vitamin b12 in order to maintain health. Vitamin B12 deficiency could occur at any age without gender discrimination. Vegetarians like India have to deal with Vitamin b12 rich Indian foods to overcome deficiency.

Vitamin B12 Sensitivity

Importance of Vitamin B12 for health of a person has no substitute but sometimes people might become allergic to Vitamin B12. Either in form of raw food or in form of supplement and medicine Vitamin B12 cause problem. Most known side effects of Vitamin B12 are nausea, chest pain, swelling, redness, head ach, dizziness, and numbness. Like deficiency, sensitivity to Vitamin B12 can cause unavoidable harm to human body if not treated in early stages of diagnosis. People sensitive to Vitamin B12 are recommended to see a physician for substitute of vitamin B12 or eradication of the allergy.

Vitamin B12 Substitute and supplements

Vitamin B12 supplement and cereals are commonly recommended and already in use when food intake cannot complete the requirement of this particular nutrient. Vitamin B12 supplements are best to take from mouth as a food supplements or as tablets and other treatments like injections are also available according to the condition of patients and requirements.Vitamin B12 supplements are taken to overcome deficiency among all age groups including pregnant women and normally vegans are recommended. There is no substitute for any natural nutrient but if in some severs conditions supplements are needed, must try to get after consulting dietitians.

Vitamin B12 Treatments

Along with importance of Vitamin B12 in well-balanced diet, it is used in many treatments to boost recovery and overall metabolism. It helps to boost metabolism so that weight of human body can be maintained. It is recommended for memory issues specially people in their old age are advised to take Vitamin B12 to treat memory loss. Vitamin B12 is widely used in treatment of Cyanide poisoning. Vitamin B12 intake is recommended for earliest healing of many diseases. Treatments are not only done with the help of medication but it is also possible with the help of food for vitamin b12.

Vitamin B12 Research and Studies

Studies and researches are continually in progress to know more and more of Vitamin B12 because of its importance. Since up till now the only proved source is animal product so an aggressive research is still going on to know: what fruit has vitamin b12 and what vegetable as Vitamin B12 and what are vitamin b12 rich Indian foods

Vegetarians and Vitamin B12

Vegans are more likely at the risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency and countries like India where most of the people are vegetarians has higher ratio of the deficiency. Studies are trying to find Vitamin b12 rich Indian foods to overcome a big concern of Vegans.

Short Intro On Vitamin B12

Nutrients known till now are thought to be essential for human health and Vitamin B12 is also included in the list. The most complex vitamin of Vitamin B complex family is Vitamin B12 and it is also called coblamine because it contains Cobalt as one of the main element.  The other name is also Cyanocobalamin when it is prepared synthetically in laboratories at industrial level.Vitamin B12 daily consumption is very important in routine for healthy and active function of human body. People are recommended a well-balanced healthy diet to meet the standards of health and Vitamin B12 cannot be ignored at any cost.

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