Vitamin B12

Human Body does not differ from machine when it comes to maintenance.  Just like anything you are using from your vehicle to home appliances need care and energy for its function your body also need care and healthy diet. Healthy diet includes a balanced diet with all of the nutrients required to keep human body active. There are several nutrients important for life like water and oxygen and Vitamin B12 is one of them. It is also known as cobalamine due to existence of Cobalt. Studies and research proved its importance and many Vitamin-B12 awareness activities are in process. Currently it is considered as the largest and most complex nutrient among all.

Importance of Vitamin B12 for an Active body

Vitamin-B12 is important for human body because it helps to perform many important tasks in an active healthy body. Vitamin-B12 works in combination of many other nutrients to serve human brain and to serve nervous system. Vitamin-B12 is also responsible for formation of good and healthy red blood cells and DNA. It helps in Metabolism of cells of human body. Importance of B12 has also proved in reducing the risk of heart disease, because it regulates homo-cysteine and increased level of homo-cysteine is a major risk factor for heart disease.

Chemistry of Vitamin-B12

Two major sources of food for human are animals and nature. Vegetables, fruits and grains are examples of natural food. Despite soil contains enough amount of Vitamin-B12 all natural sources do not contain it.  B12 is formed by a but bacteria and only found in animal, in animals Vitamin-B12 deposits in Liver which is most enriched source of Vitamin-B12. Vitamin-B12 is water solvent nutrients so dissolve in water. It easily breaks up in water and circulates in human body to help for function of human body meanwhile discharging excess amount from body.

Vitamin-B12 enriched food

The only source of Vitamin B12 is animal-related food. Meat, animal organs, milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs all contains Vitamin-B12. It has also been synthetically developed in laboratories and industrial production has made its access possible to everyone as a substitute of natural diet. Just like natural food many nutrients are found in combination of Vitamin-B12, synthetic vitamin-B12 is also found in combination of other vitamins, carbohydrates and protein.

Food Food WeightVitamin-B12 Amount
Beef and chicken liver3 ounces81 μg
Salmon100 grams19.5 μg
Herring150 grams18.7 μg
Mackerel3 ounces15.3 μg
Sardines1 cup13.3 μg
Tuna3 ounces9.3 μg
Trout1 filet9.1 μg
Organic yogurt17 gram1.3 μg
Turkey3 ounces1.1 μg
Raw milk1 cup1 μg
Beef tenderloin3 ounces0.9 μg
Lamb3 ounces0.8 μg


Vitamin-B12 Consumption

Consumption of the Vitamin-B12 is necessary on daily basis as the excess of the Vitamin-B12 discharged from human body after primary functions. So better to take Vitamin-B12 in your diet from breakfast to last meal of the day but the quantity of daily requirement should be balance to avoid serious health issues. The recommended amount for daily consumption is suggested from different research centers after so many studies and experiments. So try to take the amount as per suggestion as a compulsory routine.

Age ( Infant- Adult )Recommendations for daily intake
Infants 0-6 (months old)0.4 μg
Infants 7-12 (months old)0.5 μg
1-3 Years old0.9 μg
4-8 years old1.2 μg
9-13 years old1.8 μg
14 years and above2.6 μg
Pregnant women2.6 – 2.8 μg
50 years plus people25 – 100 μg


Vitamin-B12 as weight loss solution

Vitamin-B12 helps to lose weight and helps to cut down extra pounds of fats in a human body. It is proved that B12 itself does not reduce weight. But it is believed and proved that Vitamin-B12 helps the mechanism to burn fats during its absorption and digestion. All of the Vitamin-B12 digestion process produces energy by burning extra fats. Nutritionist, physician and doctors prescribe Vitamin-B12 in diet plans of weight loss. b12 must be included according to the need of the body as per standard recommendations or as per recommendations of the doctors.

Increase memory with the help of Vitamin-B12

B12 Increase memory

Vitamin-B12 has been proved for keeping the memory very strong. Vitamin-b12 is important for treating the people suffering from memory loss. Aged People are deliberately recommended for healthy intake of Vitamin-B12 for treatment of memory related issues.

Vitamin-B12 in association of Cognitive senses

There in a research it has been witnessed that Vitamin-B12 deficiency in early ages of life may cause decline in cognitive senses. Children cannot perform and participate actively in the activities depend on cognitive sense. Children with Vitamin-B12 deficiency have great difficulty in translation of emotions and solving complex problems.  Victims of Vitamin-B12 deficiency cannot memorize accurately which cause in recognition of later things.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

There is no relaxation for b12 intake from infant to old age male and female. Though requirements of the nutrients may vary for every age group yet Vitamin-B12 is equally important for children, for adults and for aged. Deficiency may occur in any stage of life but people who are vegan are more at risk of the deficiency.  Not only vegans but infants born to vegans are likely at higher risk of the Vitamin-B12 deficiency. Untreated or unaddressed deficiency may cause severe neurological disorders on the permanent basis.

Vitamin-B12 Sensitivity

When something triggers on consumption of specific food or nutrient that is the sign the person is sensitive to that particular food. Like many other things Vitamin-B12 has side effects on sensitivity of it. The way deficiency can damage health of human being sensitivity can also. Vitamin-B12 Sensitivity to nutrient commonly exists among all age groups without distinction of male and female gender. Vitamin-B12 is important it cannot be ignored at any cost but in certain cases people might become allergic to it. There are several reason behind this allergy but people those are sensitive to Vitamin-B12 should not consume Vitamin-B12 without consultation of doctors. People sensitive to B12 may face problems like nausea, chest pain, swelling, redness, head ach, dizziness, and numbness. Other Vitamin-B12 side effects are muscle cramps, weakness, fatigue, abnormal heartbeat.Vitamin B12 sensitivity might cause severe permanent damages if not fatal

Vitamin-B12 Supplements

Vitamin-B12 supplement are widely in use around the globe, when food intake cannot complete the requirement of this particular Vitamin. The best solution of Vitamin-B12 supplements is to take from mouth and other treatments like injections and nasal gels are also available depending on to the condition of patients and standard requirements.  Vitamin B12 supplements are taken when food only cannot fulfill the requirements of the human body. Vitamin-B12 supplements are prepared in laboratory in combination of many others nutrients.  The supplements of Vitamin-B12 are consumed in combination when and what needed.

It is good to take care of daily requirements of nutrients whatever it is suggested. Nutrient enriched food should be part of the diet in routine it helps to maintain health without affecting the standards of the requirements. In such cases where diet is enough for meeting the ends of standard requirements make healthy small changes to your daily intake and to daily physical activities. Once might be suffering from deficiency of nutrients or might be suffering from sensitivity of any nutrient available for healthy human life style. Vitamin B12 deficiency or sensitivity whatever it is one must take care of them. They have to regulate their diet and medicine as per requirements of the body to maintain health and wisdom.